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Canada's Superior Beef

Welcome to Western Royal Angus

Grown in the heart of Western Canada’s cattle country, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Western Royal Angus is the result of decades of tradition combined with technology, innovation and passion. We invite you to learn more about our premium beef brand. Enjoy our story, and please let us know if we can be of service.


Rich Tradition

Over the years we have grown and diversified, and today we produce 200,000 animals annually...



Brand Promise

We work hard on every detail to ensure we have brought out the best in every step of production...



The Western Difference

Not all beef brands are created equally. Some are based on physical characteristics such as marbling...


Quality & Safety

There are no shortcuts when it comes to food safety – it is something we take very seriously. Whether it’s on-farm food production protocols, Canada’s national cattle identification program, cattle feed evaluation or disease surveillance, be assured that we leave nothing to chance when it comes to the wholesomeness of our product.


We have the deepest respect for our cattle and the land we use to produce Western Royal Angus. Every production and handling decision is designed to bring out the best in each animal with the minimum impact on our surroundings. We are blessed with a pristine environment, and are committed to keeping it that way.

Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare


Product Specifications

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